Squeeze Time Setting                              00-99 cycles                           Thumb Wheel Switch Operational Integrity
Heat Time Settings                                    00-99 cycles                            Front panel Weld/No Weld Switch
Heat % #1                                                       00-99 percent                        Front Panel Run/Set Up Switch                            Hold Time Settings                                    00-99 cycles                            Solenoid Valve Output 120VAC-20VA
Off Time Settings                                       00-99 cycles                           Low Voltage Monitor
Repeat Function                                                                                                 Emergency Stop Input
Two Stage Foot Switch Operation                                                           Pressure Switch Input
Anti Tie Down Maintained Initiation                                                      Remote Weld/No Weld Input
Interlock Interface to Model 375 Scanner                                          300, 800, 1200 Ampere SCR Contractors

Model 108

​Single Phase Resistance

Welding Controller


  • Spot Weld - Seam Weld - Roll Spot Weld - Butt Weld
  • Cascade 6 Guns with Clamp Output, Chained or Successive
  • Cascade 24 Guns successively, one per Weld Schedule
  • Cascade 6 Welding Transformers, Chained or Successive
  • Manual Valve Select Program
  • Fully Programmable 300 Weld Schedules
  • Single - Dual - Triple Foot Switch Control
  • 87 Degree Fire Limit Control First Cycle
  • 1/2 Cycle Alternate Polarity Firing
  • Water Cooled Contactor with Over Temperature Shut Down
  • Pulsating Heat Control
  • One Time Squeeze Delay in Repeat
  • Upslope Heat Control
  • Temper Heat Control
  • Intermittent Drive Motor On/Off Control
  • Forge Delay Start
  • Dual Mode Anti-Tie Down Initiation (momentary or push-and-hold)


  • Constant current Control or A.V.C.
  • Built-in Weld Current Checker with 1% to 20% Allowable Deviation Error
  • with Deviation Error Display and Constant Current or AVC Mode
  • Conversion to Model 108A Stepper Heat Control
  • Weld/Forge Pressure Control Regulator
  • Cylinder Pressure Hi-Low Limit
  • Motor Speed Control
  • RS 232 Upload/Download Weld Schedules to PC
  • RS 232 PLC Control Interface
  • Edit Weld Schedule Key Lock
  • 108LD Load Distribution over 3 Phase Line with 16 Valve/12 Transformers Manual Valve and Transformer Selection
  • 8 Limit Switches Allow Part in Position, Guns Up Detection and Weld Schedule Selection


  • INPUT POWER: 200 VAC to 480 VAC 60 HZ.
  • Solid State Contactors Available in Ranges from 300 Amps to 3200 Amps
  • Ignitron Firing Module to Fire Ignitrons Size A through E
  • Solid State Relays to Operate Squeeze Valve in Spot - Seam - Rollspot - Cascade - Butt Weld
  • End of Sequence Output
  • Optional Solid State Relays to Operate Clamp, Retraction, Tip Dress, Upset Valves
  • Optional Solid State Relay to Turn on Motor or Air Brake in Seam or Rollspot Mode

Model 100C

Single Phase Resistance 
Welding Controller

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